A new kind of protection for your computer

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No matter what, malicious viruses somehow find its way into your computer. Antivirus software industry is also hard at work finding ways to stop malware attacks. The software virtualization is now dominated by VMware.


A Sunnyvale, California based startup, Bromium, is testing a new technology to stop malware attacking your computer. Each time you open an e-mail attachment, a browser tab or another application, Bromium’s unique technology creates a temporary, virtual compartment to house that task. If malware try to get into your computer through Adobe Reader holes, the Bromium will dissolve the compartment protecting your computer from malware stealing your key strokes. This is unique because your computer anticipates an attack each time you click on an application.

Another unique feature of Bromium is that it contains only about 100,000 lines compared to traditional antivirus which contains 100 million lines of code. Smaller size allows it to easily harden and secure your PC.

One of the main partners of the technology is Intel. Intel chip technology includes stronger barrier against malware. Bromium manages this function in new Intel chips.

Bromium is expected to come into the market at the end of 2012.

Data-mining to improve patient care

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Health care experts are overwhelmed by the number of patients that comes through hospital doors. Baby boomers are retiring in droves and will further overload the already impacted nation’s health care system. Here comes the electronic data-mining to assist and improve patient care. Companies that are currently developing data banks in association with health care providers include Microsoft, SAS, Dell, IBM and Oracle.



The U.S. Federal regulations prohibit patient health information being sharing with third party outsiders without the consent of the patient. But to seek assistance in order to develop data-mining programs may fall under an exception provide in government regulations.

According to Bloomberg, the Seton Healthcare Family in Texas has learned based on computer data-mining that bulging jugular vein is a strong indicator of a patient that was admitted to the hospital with a congestive heart failure is likely to be admitted back to the hospital again.

On the other hand data-mining technology could be a big business for those companies who are assisting with the technology development. They generated more than $30 billion last year and expected to grow to $34 billion this year.

The current administration allocated $14.6 billion in 2009 to encourage adoption of electronic medical records.

Enterprise-software-as-a-service (SaaS)

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Wikipedia define Enterprise-software or enterprise application software as the software used by a company or a business instead of software chosen by individuals. Some examples are automated billing, IT service management, online shopping, online payments and many others. In a nutshell, it is a collection of programs that comes as a package that handles all aspect of the business.


The Pleasanton, California based Workday provides a complete suite of business management to include human capital management (organize staff, pay and workforce development), payroll (software-as-a-service), financial management, and higher education over the internet.

The cloud based enterprise-software company Workday is making big news these days. With over $330 million sales a year, the company is getting ready to go public. They have hired Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley as lead underwriters for the initial public offering. Workday was founded by two former PeopleSoft executives. PeopleSoft was the second largest enterprise-software company before being acquired by Oracle. Now, Workday could become the second largest enterprise-software-as-a-service behind the industry leader Salesforce.com.

Naturally, Workday resembles PeopleSoft in many ways due to its founder’s connection to the former company and launched soon after the sale of PeopleSoft. Some Wall Street analysts are bullish on the prospect of the intended IPO.

HR Tips: Dealing with Flex Hours

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The concept of flex time is fairly new, and has evolved quite a bit since the dawn of the digital age. Flex time allows employees to take the time they need for life events, with the knowledge that the employer will get that time back in some form. This may be in the form of one’s work load, authorizing leave only after work has been completed, or it can come in the form of extra hours. HR professionals are on the front lines of these new time and attendance systems, so it’s important that you set rules up front so employees know what is allowed.

Remote Work

It is sometimes helpful to arrange a flexible schedule where the employee does some or all of his hours at home. Remote workers may be responsible for some company property, like a laptop, and should be required to use the company VPN whenever possible. This way, HR can monitor the employee’s activities remotely and keep track of when he is active. Some employees may ask for work-from-home schedules up front, but you have the option to increase or decrease those hours as needed.

Alternate Schedules

In certain cases, two employees who share a duty can just swap schedules. This allows both employees to work at a time that is convenient for them, and the employee who needs flex time can take it. This arrangement also guarantees that the employer will get the work required. This arrangement is ideal, as neither employee will lose hours for doing a simple swap. If the employee requires multiple schedule swaps, you can just consider switching the employee’s hours as needed.

Job Sharing

A job-share is an arrangement where two people work together to do the work of one full time job. Some companies find this strategy useful because it can sometimes lower the cost of payroll. Say a full-time employee would normally get benefits. Two part time employees can still do the same work, alternate schedules and you don’t have to pay them benefits. While not ideal for every position or every worker, this is an arrangement worth exploring if your demands are consistently unmet.

Final Thoughts

Flex time is still a new concept of employee time tracking, and it’s evolving every day. Employees who utilize flex time are generally happier than those who are not allowed, but HR must work hard to set rules for the usage of this time.
Allied Time sells an employee time clock to fit just about any business. Whether tracking time online or on site, visit Allied Time for solutions.

Lagging medical industry slowly catching onto the information technology

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Web based electronic health record (HER) companies are on a roll. Startup such as Practice Fusion and its rivals including Allscripts Healthcare Solutions, Epic Systems, and McKesson have seen explosive growth recently. This is a direct result of the 2009 legislation that is designed to speed up digitization of the entire healthcare industry not just the doctor’s office. The legislation provides incentives as well as imposes fines. The digitization of the United States healthcare industry provides enormous opportunities for software companies because the sector has not being keeping up with the data evolution.

The field of medical data worries many who express concerns over privacy and data security. Some sites allow patients to post reviews of their doctor which has created more controversy from doctors who opposed to the idea. New services are crowding the field and many cut prices for IT services and products. However, many ancillary services such as diagnostic laboratories, X-ray services and pharmacies are looking for ways to hook up with doctors see the service as an essential part of their business. New healthcare mandates as they come on line will be sure to create more demand for digitizing the medical records industry.

The Future of Timekeeping is Here

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By Allied Time

If your company isn’t using the best software when they construct their products or provide their services, they couldn’t possible expect to compete against their rivals, right? It just stands to reason that you wouldn’t expect great results from subpar efforts. And yet, many companies do this when it comes to their employee time clock. Of course, they want their employees to show up on time so they can get as much work from them as possible. But they don’t think to use better methods in order to get these results.

The Acroprint time recorder is a good example of how things have changed. It’s a perfectly acceptable way for employees to check in and for you to keep records of when they came and left.

But you can also use some pretty high tech options from the same company that will give you far more benefits. Software versions that make sure only the person themselves can check in every morning. And they’ll be reminded constantly of when they usually check in. Lastly, as the employer, software versions of timekeeping allow you to easily construct report you can use to spot problem and confront employees where they’re falling short.

Allied Time sells all kinds of unique clocks you can use to enhance your punctuality as well as other areas of your life. For example, your company can use a web based time clock and online time sheet to better track your employees’ attendance thanks to options like those from Acroprint.

How to handle Android “application not responding” (ANR)

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How many times you have seen “application not responding” (ANR) when working with Android? If you are a Samsung Galaxy Ace II user, you may have experience that when the system is about to finish boosting an “application system is not responding” massage comes out from nowhere. At this time many just kill the process and wait for a response.

You may be a good code writer that wins all performance tests. But the worst thing you can expect for your app is an ANR. So, it is critical to design responsiveness into your app so that the system cannot display an ANR box to any user.

If an application blocks or the app takes too much time building more elaborate in-memory structure, or sometimes contemplating the next move, the system puts out an ANR to a user input. It is important to make sure computation is efficient. One way to address the issue is to not to perform the work on UI thread but to create a separate worker thread to do the most work. This keeps the user thread free to run the user interface and prevent the system putting out an ANR.

Integrating Time Clocks with Software

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While there are a number of necessities all modern companies need to cover in order to stay competitive these days, most people wouldn’t think of time clocks if you asked them to name the essentials. But the truth is a reliable employee time clock is an integral part of a company’s road to success. Furthermore, thanks to modern advancements in the soft and hardware used, clocking in and out is on the cutting edge.

When you think about employees clocking in or out, you may imagine the olden days of slipping a timecard into the mouth of a clock and punching it before returning the paper back to your individual shelf. Well those days are older and no one’s arguing we bring them back any time soon.

But the fact remains that time clocks are still necessary for ensuring work is getting done and hours are being worked. A happy medium, then, is something like a biometric time clock.

The great thing about a biometric model is that it saves time and potentially any guess work by registering a person’s fingerprint. That’s all they need to clock in. furthermore, you can setup software to let you know whenever someone clocked out early or came in late. This gives you up to the minute updates that you can use to make better use out of your resources.


Article submitted by Allied Time. They sell all the time keeping options a company needs to stay up and running including pyramid time clocks and software.

How to Classify Employees

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The number of contract employees has been steadily climbing over the years, and it’s not just workers from outside the US that are contracted. Employees inside the US offer valuable services, but contractor rates keep costs low for business. There is still the question of how these employees are classified, leading to very real and legal questions down the road for businesses that abuse these classifications.

Hourly vs. Salary

A salaried employee is paid a fixed amount, typically bi-weekly or monthly, for services provided to an organization. This work is typically white-collar work and often requires employees to work more than 40 hours a week, although that can depend on the job. Hourly employees enter their information into an Employee time clock that records the hours worked. These time clocks also analyze which department an employee works for, and track other statistics relevant to payroll. Salaried employees are subject to overtime for hours worked outside of the full-time range (IE more than eight hours in a day, or more than 40 hours in a week).

Temp vs. Full-Time

Temporary, or “contract” employees, are typically only at a company for a set period of time. They may be hired full-time, but their privileges are restricted until that occurs. Where a full time employee may attend meetings and offer suggestions on workload, a part time contractor has less say in what goes on. A contractor also has less responsibility than a full-timer, usually only responsible for the product itself and rarely part of the project management process. Contractors can work full-time hours and remain contracted employees. The change occurs when a contractor is hired to work exclusively for the employer, and begins to perform services under that company’s name.

Time Tracking

Companies often use time and attendance systems to measure activity on and off-site. These may include mobile applications that allow employees to check-in remotely, biometric clocks that record time based on a thumbprint and time sheets filled out manually by an employee. Tracking may also be a requirement of salaried employees, even though they are not subject to provisions like overtime.

Project Management

Employee classification is also important to project management, where managers may need to balance resources in-house with contractors outside of the company. In-house staff may manage the “big picture” integration, while contractors actually assemble the various components of a product. This is especially true in the tech industry, where coding and conceptualization tend to occur in-house.


The preceding guest post was provided by Allied Time, suppliers of the Amano time clock. For over 40 years, Allied has been supplying businesses with solutions to track billable hours.

What is HTML5?

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The HTML that came in 1999 significantly changed the way we use the Internet. HTML5 is the latest installment of HTML and a collaborative effort of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) and the Web Hypertext Application Technology Working Group (WHATWG). This is the fifth revision to the HTML. It is intended to address all your online services without having to seek another plugin. It does everything including running apps, play music, does animations, play movies, build complicated applications that run on your browser and everything in between. It is a cross platform that will not discriminate whether you are on a tablet, PC or a smartphone. You can also develop Web applications using it and it has a working group including Apple, AOL, Google, Microsoft, Mozilla, Nokia, IBM, and many more.

The open source development follows certain guidelines including reduced need for external plugins, easier error handling, scripting to be replaced by markup, be device independent, development process to be visible to public and be based on HTML, CSS, DOM, and JavaScript. It is expected to run easily on low-powered smartphones and as a result, the sales of HTML5 compatible smartphones expected to hit one billion units in 2013. HTML5 is still a work in progress.

Managing Your Computers

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Today, running a business is entirely different from how it used to be, say, 30 years ago. With advances in computer technology, most businesses have hundreds of computers that are being used at one time. In the corporate world for example, most employees are given a computer that is hooked up to the company’s network. The employees work on these desktops. Sometimes, there comes a moment when you need to control several of these desktops for various reasons. If we still lived 20 years ago, the process that would have to be undergone is manually handling each computer. Today, remote desktop management makes it easier for everybody to do these things. When a single file needs to be shared among several users but the file is only accessible within the office, remote desktop management makes it possible and easy to share these files. Coupled with a terminal services log, managing several computers within your office or business becomes hassle free.

If your business requires a lot of computers, remote desktop management software will surely hep you keep business running and in order. Whether you’re a corporate office with a lot of employees using computers, or an internet cafe with multiple desktops, or any other company that is able to utilize multiple PCs, remote desktop management makes things easier by giving you control over all your computers. If trying to manage all that hardware was ever a problem, this solution is worth a shot. There’s not much to lose only a lot to gain.


Article submitted by RDPSoft Company, specialist in terminal server monitoring.

The Importance of a Terminal Server Monitor

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Many companies these days use terminal servers for a variety of reasons. Unfortunately, many also drop the ball when it comes to monitoring remote desktop use. The problems here are obvious. Fortunately, so is the solution.

By utilizing a terminal server log, you can keep track of who’s using the terminal server, how long they were using it and what programs they were running when in-session. It’s like having a security camera trained on your server. When you think about how important the server’s integrity is to your organization, it’s a no brainer.

However, you can take matters a step further to really get keep you terminal server safe. You can use software designed to record the session, essentially monitoring what’s on the screen at all times. This is the perfect answer to concerns facing businesses that work in finances and areas of the government and use terminal servers. Not only will you have proof of who’s in session, you’ll have proof of what that session entailed.

The only issue involved is the amount of resources that will need to be dedicated to this kind of surveillance. Of course, the recording will also bring back massive quantities of data that will need to be distilled. However, as a preventative matter alone, many people favor this process. And if a security breach did happen, you’d probably be thankful you had that massive amount of data to go through.


Article submitted by RDPSoft Company. They provide terminal server monitor solutions to companies who are interested in oversight.

An Office Away from the Office

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Ever since the incorporation of computer systems in offices, productivity and efficiency have increased significantly. All of the company’s most sensitive information are stored on the secure network, ensuring that your company’s secrets remain a secret. In these scenarios, the only way to access such information is through the desktops assigned to each employee that is located within the premises of the office building. In emergency situations however, where people are forced to work from home, how is one supposed to access files on the secure network?

Recent developments in information technology created a solution to this very common concern, remote desktop sessions. Remote desktop sessionsmeans accessing a desktop remotely using another desktop through the internet. In doing so, you are able to gain access to all the information stored securely in the company’s network under the proxy of your household computer which would have been otherwise unavailable for connections outside of the network. Whenever remote desktop sessions are used, it is also important to utilize a terminal server log. Terminal server log tracks all your activities and applications real-time, ensuring the security of the company’s most sensitive information. With these two softwares, companies may continue operating even when people are all in the safety of their homes without compromising security.

Used properly, both the remote desktop session and terminal sever log work hand in hand to decrease downtime of operations providing reliable service to clients. Modern technology has made everything easy for seamless operations even in bad conditions.


This article was submitted by RDPSoft Company. Monitor and regulate actions done on your computer remotely with theremote desktop manager.