A new kind of protection for your computer

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No matter what, malicious viruses somehow find its way into your computer. Antivirus software industry is also hard at work finding ways to stop malware attacks. The software virtualization is now dominated by VMware.


A Sunnyvale, California based startup, Bromium, is testing a new technology to stop malware attacking your computer. Each time you open an e-mail attachment, a browser tab or another application, Bromium’s unique technology creates a temporary, virtual compartment to house that task. If malware try to get into your computer through Adobe Reader holes, the Bromium will dissolve the compartment protecting your computer from malware stealing your key strokes. This is unique because your computer anticipates an attack each time you click on an application.

Another unique feature of Bromium is that it contains only about 100,000 lines compared to traditional antivirus which contains 100 million lines of code. Smaller size allows it to easily harden and secure your PC.

One of the main partners of the technology is Intel. Intel chip technology includes stronger barrier against malware. Bromium manages this function in new Intel chips.

Bromium is expected to come into the market at the end of 2012.

Data-mining to improve patient care

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Health care experts are overwhelmed by the number of patients that comes through hospital doors. Baby boomers are retiring in droves and will further overload the already impacted nation’s health care system. Here comes the electronic data-mining to assist and improve patient care. Companies that are currently developing data banks in association with health care providers include Microsoft, SAS, Dell, IBM and Oracle.



The U.S. Federal regulations prohibit patient health information being sharing with third party outsiders without the consent of the patient. But to seek assistance in order to develop data-mining programs may fall under an exception provide in government regulations.

According to Bloomberg, the Seton Healthcare Family in Texas has learned based on computer data-mining that bulging jugular vein is a strong indicator of a patient that was admitted to the hospital with a congestive heart failure is likely to be admitted back to the hospital again.

On the other hand data-mining technology could be a big business for those companies who are assisting with the technology development. They generated more than $30 billion last year and expected to grow to $34 billion this year.

The current administration allocated $14.6 billion in 2009 to encourage adoption of electronic medical records.

Enterprise-software-as-a-service (SaaS)

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Wikipedia define Enterprise-software or enterprise application software as the software used by a company or a business instead of software chosen by individuals. Some examples are automated billing, IT service management, online shopping, online payments and many others. In a nutshell, it is a collection of programs that comes as a package that handles all aspect of the business.


The Pleasanton, California based Workday provides a complete suite of business management to include human capital management (organize staff, pay and workforce development), payroll (software-as-a-service), financial management, and higher education over the internet.

The cloud based enterprise-software company Workday is making big news these days. With over $330 million sales a year, the company is getting ready to go public. They have hired Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley as lead underwriters for the initial public offering. Workday was founded by two former PeopleSoft executives. PeopleSoft was the second largest enterprise-software company before being acquired by Oracle. Now, Workday could become the second largest enterprise-software-as-a-service behind the industry leader Salesforce.com.

Naturally, Workday resembles PeopleSoft in many ways due to its founder’s connection to the former company and launched soon after the sale of PeopleSoft. Some Wall Street analysts are bullish on the prospect of the intended IPO.

NFC and associated software to provide secure ways to pay

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Near field communication (NFC) is a standard that was developed for smartphones and other devices using radio frequency to communicate with compatible devices. With enabling software system it work within a certain distance or within close proximity. The system is in its infancy however, with data breaches becoming increasingly common, the system and associated software can make the NFC a secure way to pay for purchases.

Programs developed with the technology include Google Nexus, running Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. Android 4.4 contains a new platform support with added security. Apple is soon expected to incorporate it. It can replace current credit card payments providing an added security to the customer. NFC can easily be incorporated into the social networking sites and video gaming especially mobile gaming.

The technology associated software and hardware ties your smartphone or other mobile devices to your bank account and to your computer. By tapping your device in front of a reader you can securely pay for purchases. The smart SIM card in your smartphone can identify you to many enabling payment systems. Look out credit card, many people may not have to carry in their wallets as long as they carry a smartphone or similar device.

What benefits can you get from colocation?

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Written by Rack Alley

The problem with having to live in a digital age is the fact that data can be generated, stored and lost at just one click. And that can be very scary especially if the files that you are at risk of losing represents millions of dollars in accounts, investments, and purchases. So what does colocation have to offer in order for you to have less risk? Imagine yourself retaining a LA data center coupled with Server hosting Los Angeles, they provide you with colocation, cloud computing and all the other features that you demand. Perhaps the most vital and most important feature that they can give you is the fact that they can give you safety, security and peace of mind knowing that all your files are stored, backed up and secure from just about anything that life can throw at you. Your computers can stop working, your servers crash, and even your entire principal place of business come crashing down in flames. Your data, on the other hand, is safe and sound, ready for syncing or extraction at a moment’s notice. You don’t have to worry about running out of space or actually ever losing your files. That’s because you won’t. Your data will be stored safely and securely, and all you have to do in exchange for that is pay a minimal sum. That sounds like an excellent deal, and if you think you can greatly benefit from this, you should take it instead of having to save everything twice.


Los Angeles colocation gives you the best of both worlds. Secure data storage while remaining accessible in America’s second largest city.

Cyber threats keep coming

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Cyber security has been a major problem for many large and small companies. Massive security breaches at Target and Neiman Marcus in late last year and another recent break in Facebook and the US Government made headlines recently. Many large and small companies as well governments and other organizations are not even realizing until sometime later that they have been hacked. It not only provides a dilemma for the company but also make more people vulnerable for fraud. Security breaches grew more than 62 percent in 2013 over 2012, according to some reports.

Many cry out for better detection of data breaches. Some published information reveals that it takes more than three month for a company to recognize that they have been hacked. Fixing loop holes take few more months too. Recognizing actual threat among many thousands of alerts is a big issue. This is why help from a cybersecurity specialist is more important. They install automatic detection systems and prioritize responses to alerts as well as attacks. They conduct global intelligence and use big data to protect companies from cyber threats. Some of the major cybersecurity companies include Symantec, Check Point Software Technologies, Sourcefire, Fortinet, Guidance Software, Websense, CISCO, EMC, and Juniper.

Microsoft fixes Windows 8 issues with Windows 8.1

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Few months ago Microsoft released Windows 8.1, a freely downloadable update to fix some of the issues with Windows 8. Users were enthusiast as well as relived. Those who already have Windows 8, upgrading to Windows 8.1 is easy. Windows App Store gave the top priority to 8.1 and it is the first app that you will see when you visit the store. The full version of Windows 8.1 will cost $99.99 at Amazon. Transitioning or interface with Windows 8.1 from a tablet to a PC is scalable. The start screen has new larger tiles helping you to see more info. More colors are available for you to customize your start screen. The new Windows 8.1 makes searches much smarter by connecting to Wikipedia for a person or photo search or if you are looking for a place it will show you directions, reviews, hours of operation, and a link to Open Table or you can call them on Skype. What a wonderful help.

Libraries are hidden from view. You can right click Explorer to get them out. Browser is hidden in a three dot bar on the bottom of the screen and works faster.

Cut Costs with the Right Shopping Cart Software

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By Secure Net Shop

Every ecommerce company has a number of costs they have to handle on their way to turning a profit. Doing business online may seem like a good way to avoid incurring unnecessary costs, but it can still happen if you don’t know what you’re doing. One example of this is paying for shopping cart services. While you absolutely need them if you’re selling an item, it’s easy to raise your overhead on accident at the same time.

The first cost to consider is actually the opportunity cost of going with a specific choice over another. It might involve paying more upfront, but it’s worth it to go with a company that can give you an internet shopping cart with proven results. Otherwise, you risk all kinds of problems down the line.

It’s also essential that the company you choose accepts all types of credit cards. You’ll run into lost sales if customers can’t pay with their preferred method. This is an easy problem to avoid.

On top of all this, you need a secure option. You’ll liable get hacked or otherwise lose important information if your shopping cart software can’t defend itself from those with malicious intentions.

While there are a number of things to consider when buying a shopping cart for your sire, these are the factors that will save you money.


Secure Net Shop is an industry leader when it comes to shopping cart softwareout there. Every ecommerce company needs a shopping cart on their website, of course, but Secure Net Shop also offers unrivaled expertise and experience.

Value Your Employees’ Time

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Written By: Allied Time

With the use of the traditional timesheets, managers always had a hard time in employee time tracking because it was so easy for employees to cheat their way in or out—simply by just asking their friend to do it for them. This was called “punch buddy.” Fortunately for owners of companies, technology has been kind for everyone. Electronic time clocks have been created to make sure that errors will be avoided and that there will be a proper and stabilized system for recording or keeping track of the time employees render in the work place. An employee’s time is very important to keep track of because managers use this as basis for when they compute for the amount that should be paid on the two very special days of the month—paydays! Employees are very sensitive and careful with their time because they know that any deduction in time would lead to a deduction in the pay as well. They try to avoid this situation by being vigilant with the time that they render in the office because they need money to get by. Employees punch in for time in and time out every single workday and it is good to keep an evidence of the time served by working on those stacks of files and paperwork. It is only fair that your employees get paid with the right amount that they truly deserve and choosing tools like time clock online or any time clock for that matter to execute this properly may help you do the trick.

There are many tools that will help company create a safe and secured system for their employees to log in and out of work. There are many available time punch clock and many other products that will do this for them.

How to cut down on expenses for web development and hosting

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Written by Rack Alley

Running a website nowadays is far more affordable than what it used to be. Other than that, you are also provided with far more bandwidth, email addresses, and a whole lot of other benefits when you sign up for a reputable company that provides various internet services. Take for example you’re an entrepreneur that’s based in the Los Angeles area, you’ll need LA colocation as well as other server hosting los angeles to get your business online and running properly at that. All these would set you back a few dollars, but it doesn’t mean that you have to spend thousands of dollars on it already. For starters, you need to decide on how big a website you want to run, and you also need to determine how much you’re willing to spend on it as well. Going into something without a budget would only end up with you spending more than you should – and you don’t want this. In short, get the services that’s appropriate to the size of your website. You don’t need facilities designed for larger sites if you’re expecting to direct only a minimal amount of traffic. Especially when money is tight, you need to get what’s practical and ideal for you. If your site grows, then adjust accordingly, that’s a sound business strategy that will allow you to free up money for other purposes like stocking up on inventory or purchasing new equipment that you would need in your business. Don’t spend like you have an infinite supply of cash.


Having a Los Angeles data center doesn’t have to be expensive. All you need to do is get the right service provider to get costs down.

Windows 8, a year and half later

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In October 2012, Microsoft launched newest version of Windows, Windows 8. Since the launch of the new operating system, reviews came in on print media as well as on the Internet and continuing to date. It is hard to see whether Windows 8 is a new operating system or a successor to previous Windows 7. However, at the Credit Suisse 2012 Annual Technology Conference, Microsoft announced that it sold more than 40 million Windows 8 licenses since the debut including four million licenses sold within the first three days of release. In 2009 when it released Windows 7, Microsoft sold 60 million licenses within the first two month period. Compared to that, sales within one month of Windows 8 release is an improvement.

Some reports indicated that initial sales didn’t meet the Redmond, Washington based Microsoft’s expectations. The news of Windows boss stepped down from his post didn’t sit well with the critics. However, the Windows 8 is a game changer. It is the real OS change since Windows 95 including its Modern User Interface that allows touch screen navigation and apps similar to Apple. It will be the OS for all new PCs and laptops. It is also available for tablets including its own Surface and smartphones through Windows Phone 8 and updates will continue.

HR Tips: Dealing with Flex Hours

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The concept of flex time is fairly new, and has evolved quite a bit since the dawn of the digital age. Flex time allows employees to take the time they need for life events, with the knowledge that the employer will get that time back in some form. This may be in the form of one’s work load, authorizing leave only after work has been completed, or it can come in the form of extra hours. HR professionals are on the front lines of these new time and attendance systems, so it’s important that you set rules up front so employees know what is allowed.

Remote Work

It is sometimes helpful to arrange a flexible schedule where the employee does some or all of his hours at home. Remote workers may be responsible for some company property, like a laptop, and should be required to use the company VPN whenever possible. This way, HR can monitor the employee’s activities remotely and keep track of when he is active. Some employees may ask for work-from-home schedules up front, but you have the option to increase or decrease those hours as needed.

Alternate Schedules

In certain cases, two employees who share a duty can just swap schedules. This allows both employees to work at a time that is convenient for them, and the employee who needs flex time can take it. This arrangement also guarantees that the employer will get the work required. This arrangement is ideal, as neither employee will lose hours for doing a simple swap. If the employee requires multiple schedule swaps, you can just consider switching the employee’s hours as needed.

Job Sharing

A job-share is an arrangement where two people work together to do the work of one full time job. Some companies find this strategy useful because it can sometimes lower the cost of payroll. Say a full-time employee would normally get benefits. Two part time employees can still do the same work, alternate schedules and you don’t have to pay them benefits. While not ideal for every position or every worker, this is an arrangement worth exploring if your demands are consistently unmet.

Final Thoughts

Flex time is still a new concept of employee time tracking, and it’s evolving every day. Employees who utilize flex time are generally happier than those who are not allowed, but HR must work hard to set rules for the usage of this time.
Allied Time sells an employee time clock to fit just about any business. Whether tracking time online or on site, visit Allied Time for solutions.

Windows Azure renaming to Microsoft Azure

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Microsoft says “never wait for servers or infrastructure again” advertising its Azure, Microsoft’s cloud service. Released on February 1, 2010 earlier it was called Windows Azure and changing the name to Microsoft Azure in March 2014. It transforms Windows and Linux virtual machines, apps, and infrastructure instantly into Microsoft managed data centers located worldwide. Data center regions include North America, South America, Asia, Europe, Japan and Oceania.

The service features and provides high density hosting of Web sites that allow developers to build sites, virtual machines that let developers to migrate applications and infrastructure, cloud services known as PaaS (Microsoft’s platform as a service), data management through SQL database that allow extending applications to clouds, business analytics including SQL reporting and Hadoop, identity including rights management, mobile services, messaging and media services that offer encoding, content protection and streaming. It runs on its own platform and Microsoft data centers manage computing and stores data. Azure uses Windows Server 2008 and customized version of Hyper-V that helps for virtualization of services. Microsoft Fabric Controller helps to minimize server crashes and provide user application management. Microsoft Azure is answering critics who blame Microsoft for not introducing cloud services when all others were vying for a position.