A new kind of protection for your computer

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No matter what, malicious viruses somehow find its way into your computer. Antivirus software industry is also hard at work finding ways to stop malware attacks. The software virtualization is now dominated by VMware.


A Sunnyvale, California based startup, Bromium, is testing a new technology to stop malware attacking your computer. Each time you open an e-mail attachment, a browser tab or another application, Bromium’s unique technology creates a temporary, virtual compartment to house that task. If malware try to get into your computer through Adobe Reader holes, the Bromium will dissolve the compartment protecting your computer from malware stealing your key strokes. This is unique because your computer anticipates an attack each time you click on an application.

Another unique feature of Bromium is that it contains only about 100,000 lines compared to traditional antivirus which contains 100 million lines of code. Smaller size allows it to easily harden and secure your PC.

One of the main partners of the technology is Intel. Intel chip technology includes stronger barrier against malware. Bromium manages this function in new Intel chips.

Bromium is expected to come into the market at the end of 2012.

Data-mining to improve patient care

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Health care experts are overwhelmed by the number of patients that comes through hospital doors. Baby boomers are retiring in droves and will further overload the already impacted nation’s health care system. Here comes the electronic data-mining to assist and improve patient care. Companies that are currently developing data banks in association with health care providers include Microsoft, SAS, Dell, IBM and Oracle.



The U.S. Federal regulations prohibit patient health information being sharing with third party outsiders without the consent of the patient. But to seek assistance in order to develop data-mining programs may fall under an exception provide in government regulations.

According to Bloomberg, the Seton Healthcare Family in Texas has learned based on computer data-mining that bulging jugular vein is a strong indicator of a patient that was admitted to the hospital with a congestive heart failure is likely to be admitted back to the hospital again.

On the other hand data-mining technology could be a big business for those companies who are assisting with the technology development. They generated more than $30 billion last year and expected to grow to $34 billion this year.

The current administration allocated $14.6 billion in 2009 to encourage adoption of electronic medical records.

Enterprise-software-as-a-service (SaaS)

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Wikipedia define Enterprise-software or enterprise application software as the software used by a company or a business instead of software chosen by individuals. Some examples are automated billing, IT service management, online shopping, online payments and many others. In a nutshell, it is a collection of programs that comes as a package that handles all aspect of the business.


The Pleasanton, California based Workday provides a complete suite of business management to include human capital management (organize staff, pay and workforce development), payroll (software-as-a-service), financial management, and higher education over the internet.

The cloud based enterprise-software company Workday is making big news these days. With over $330 million sales a year, the company is getting ready to go public. They have hired Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley as lead underwriters for the initial public offering. Workday was founded by two former PeopleSoft executives. PeopleSoft was the second largest enterprise-software company before being acquired by Oracle. Now, Workday could become the second largest enterprise-software-as-a-service behind the industry leader Salesforce.com.

Naturally, Workday resembles PeopleSoft in many ways due to its founder’s connection to the former company and launched soon after the sale of PeopleSoft. Some Wall Street analysts are bullish on the prospect of the intended IPO.

Industrial Cooling for Data Centers

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Written by MovinCool

Data centers are prone to overheating. This can be explained with the huge amount of IT equipment and computers that are located in the server rooms. In order to avoid wasting too much power and to achieve efficiency, data centers require an effective cooling system. In order to measure power usage efficiency, the PUE standard is used by most data centers. This refers to the Power Usage Effectiveness and measures the amount of energy required for cooling for each watt of IT power. The lower the PUE figure, the more efficient the data center is. Ideally, a PUE value of 1.0 implies that all energy is used for computing rather than cooling. This is a sign of energy efficiency.

Moreover, data centers achieve energy efficiency through a regular maintenance routine of their equipment and server racks. Factors such as the accumulation of dust, tangles network cables and unaligned cabinets can be detrimental to the performance of the data center. Environmental monitoring an another crucial factor in maintaining efficiency. Industrial cooling solutions are generally used to maintain the server rooms at a constant temperature. Portable air conditioning might also be used in case when additional cooling might be required. Server rooms also have sensors to check for any fluctuation in temperature and the level of humidity. These are crucial for the protection of the equipment contained within the server rooms. Changes in the humidity level might cause damages to these equipment.

MovinCool specializes in AC units for different applications such as for industrial cooling purposes and alternatives to fan coil units.

What is source code?

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The case against Symantec in 2013 for failure to provide source code protection which was later tossed out by the courts brought the concept of source code to every ones attention. Source code is a listing of commands assembled into an execution file to run the computer. Programmers use source code and object code for “before” and “after” versions of a computer program.

Programmers write commands in a series using programming language such as C and save them in a file. The content of the file is known as source code or source program. It is a sequence of instructions that the processor can understand. It is the most permanent portion of the program. However, the programmer must also translate it to machine language for the computer to understand. Source code is the only section that can be read by humans. The source code is harder to read and manipulate and therefore, provide the assumed safety.

Software we purchase at a store comes in a form of compiled object code and source code is not included. It is same as the machine code. This is because the developer wants to keep the ownership of the program and for fear of manipulation by others. This is why Linux and others are promoting open source so that others can improve upon someone else’s work.

Tools to Better Manage Your Warehouse

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Written by Act Data Services, Inc. 1-800-ACT-DATA

Whether you are getting started with a new warehouse or already have an existing one you wish to modernize, there are various tools that can be found online. These tools enable to gain benefits in terms of time gains and in some cases also contribute to bringing cost savings. Some of the tools below might be effective in improving the management of your warehouse.

Web Based EDI

An EDI system is basically an interconnected network of computers between business partners. This system is used for the transfer of business documents using a set standard. The EDI system does not require any human intervention and as such it brings several business benefits. The most important benefit comes in the form of process improvements and time gains. Moreover, these systems are less prone to errors making. Opting for a web-based EDI warehouse system allows business to have access to warehouse information from anywhere as long as they are connected to the internet. This is convenient for businessmen who tend to travel a lot or for salesman who are constantly on the move.

ASN Software

An ASN software helps to facilitate the transfer of goods. These types of software have support for nearly all industry norms. They enable the printing of shipping reports and labels that can be scanned anywhere. Along with helping to gain in efficiency, some ASN software also allow for the printing of metrics and statistics. These reports helping in strategic planning and decision-making.

ACT Data Services provides edi software and is the EDI provider of various leading companies.

Data center colocation in Los Angeles

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Written by Rack Alley

Numerous companies have chosen Los Angeles web hosting as their preferred service. This has been the trend for several years now. Irrespective of the initial reason that led to the surge in Los Angeles colocation and data centers, LA has now become a powerhouse in these aspect. People seeking quality in terms of their data center might be considering Los Angeles. The competition is fierce in the city and this implies that service providers will strive to maintain a good quality and to offer the best services. Along with that, these data centers constantly seek ways to remain energy efficient.

Having a data center dedicated to your company can represent a big investment in terms of time and money. Depending on the size of your structure, such a decision might not be cost effective. Instead, many companies opt for colocation services. This implies sharing of a data center space with another company. Colocation providers ensure that the information are stored in a secure and isolated manner.

Companies are growingly realizing the benefits of colocation and LA has become popular in this aspect. As a matter of fact, several top websites hire colocation services in Los Angeles. Data centers are constantly investing in improved hardware to offer improved services. LA also has a perfect geographical location. It is located right in the gateway for web traffic coming from the USA and Asian countries. This makes the city an ideal location for most users.

RackAlley provides LA data center and colocation services to various types of businesses.

Have you experienced Android 4.1 Jelly bean?

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The multimedia platform that Google’s Android introduced in June 2012 resulted in the demise of Adobe Flash player on many portable devices. Google made a massive media splash when it was first introduced. Jelly Bean, the Google’s Android mobile operating system focus on three major areas. Android 4.1 and 4.3.1 concentrate on providing a smoother and more responsive operating system. Later releases provide further optimizations, multi-user support, quick setting and many other functions.

Jelly Bean focus on UI speed that was introduced with the release of Android 4.0 and responsiveness. They come with a redesigned notification API, allow notifications to be expanded to widget-like functionality, ability to pose questions and have voice replies, a camera app that allow for review of shots and deletion, and use of Google Now for data and location search.

Even with notifications, capability for voice search, and speed, critics are still not convinced especially with the voice search and the number of fewer camera modes available. Many believe the voice search rivals Apple’s Siri. But everyone agree that Android 4.1 Jelly Bean brings voice capability, notifications and sharing capability. It is time for Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich users to hopscotch to Jelly Bean.

Is there a difference between a programmer and a software engineer?

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I’ve come across many people who use programmer and software engineer interchangeably. Quite contrary to the popular belief, they carry different meanings and they perform different tasks. A programmer mostly works alone and knows how to code. Therefore, they come with lots of technical skill sets needed to build meaningful products. A software engineer on the other hand follows a systematic process to understand your needs, work with all involved stakeholders, and develop solution to the problem. So, the software engineer is part of a larger group but the programmer stands alone.

Future for both trades is much brighter. The average pay for both disciplines start around $70,000 year, nationwide. However, with other benefits a total can easily exceeds $100,000 a year. A bachelor’s degree in computer science, computer programming, information technology and other closely related fields may help get into the profession. Ever increasing number of hacking incidences requires skill sets capable of detecting and protecting systems in operation. These sub fields of the wide world of computer technology will evolve into full pledged disciplines in the near future. It is a fast changing field of study that attracts many young and talented groups of individuals.

Fixing bugs in software

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In the process of software development not just the actual writing of the code, implementation as well as fixing bugs is important parts of the process. Fixing bugs is also a methodical process involving several steps.

  • Identification of the error: Obviously you have to identify an error to fix it. Be aware of information coming from third parties. You need to see it rather than relying on someone else information.
  • Finding the error: Going through a code and locating the exact point where the error is located is important.
  • Analyzing the error: When analyzing the error go through a bottom-up approach reviewing the code from the beginning to the point of error. This gives a better idea how you need to fix it logically.
  • Testing the analysis: Before you write an automated test to fix the bug, you need to test it to see whether it works.
  • Covering lateral damage: You need to make sure when you fix the error you are not causing damage to any other parts of the program.
  • Fix the error: Wow! Finally you implement your fix for the bug.
  • Back test the error fixing: Don’t stop at the above step. Go one step further and see how the fix is working. This feedback is important to successful fixing of errors.

What will happen to HTML5 in 2015?

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Since the introduction of the World Wide Web in 1989, at least we are now closer to an Open Web Platform standard that we call HTML5. It took so many years to come up with five releases which is very slow compared to how software is developing today. Keep in mind that the predecessor HTML4 came in 1999.

Let’s take a stroll down the road. HTML2 came in 1994 followed by HTML3.2 in 1997. Today HTML5 plays a major role in the industry. It prevents any oligopoly by platform vendors. It is a platform managed and evolved by many of us in the industry. Now it is left to 2015 to finalize the standard and complete the adoption. HTML5 is important for interoperability. It is an expensive collaborative effort that needs to be preserved. Compliance with the standard should be free of rights and without the fear of getting sued. 2015 is important for browser adaptation HTML5 for mobile applications. The embedded WebView component in HTML5 will help to achieve that. The impending release of iOS 8 and Android L will help with mobile applications. It will especially remedy some of the speed issues experienced by users of Apple mobile devices.

The necessity of bundy clocks and labor intensive businesses

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Written by Allied Time

If you own a factory and employ hundreds of employees, paying wages would definitely be one of the biggest concerns that you should pay close attention to. Laborers work on a daily wage, and that means that every hour that they clock in costs money. Now, if you didn’t have fingerprint time clocks or a time machine that can record the hour they punch in or punch out, you are going to have a big problem verifying whether or not your employees have been honest with you and what they put in their daily time records. Paying employees their wages cost a lot of money, and as a matter of fact this would account for a very huge chunk of your expenses. If you do not want to be spending way more than you should, you should invest in an accurate and efficient system of recording your employee’s attendance records. Money does not grow on trees, and that is why you need to be very careful about how you spend it. Although it would be the best for an employer to trust his employees, you just can’t be too careful because you wouldn’t want to lose your investment over incorrect accounting and disbursements. Regardless if you are working on a huge budget or working with the bare minimum, you definitely can’t be reckless with your money. Moreover, you do not want to put your employees in a position that they can take advantage of you as well because the unscrupulous ones will definitely take advantage of you.

Biometric time clocks are the way to go these days. This way, your employees would not be able to punch in for absent ones.

E-commerce and the huge potential it has for your business

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Written by Act Data Services, Inc. 1-800-ACT-DATA

EDI mapping and Electronic data interchange has made some huge leaps in the business world these past few decades. Never has it been this easy for two business to communicate with each other, and that’s all thanks to electronic data interchange. Imagine how expensive it was back in the day if you had to send a telegram, or a telex in order for you to communicate with someone half a world away. These days, it would not even take you a minute to compose a message and send it to another person ten thousand miles away. If you haven’t gone digital with your business just yet, you are missing out on quite a lot of things. And you need to put an end to that. Get into EDI and make sure that you are making your business as efficient as possible. Having an efficient business means that you are not pulling any dead weight, and neither are you incurring any unnecessary expenses. Get your whole team behind this, and make sure that you have the facilities in place that will give you seamless exchange of information and business electronically. And if you are worried about any complications that might arise, you should not. That’s because there are laws in place protecting e-commerce and its practice has been heavily documented and secured as well. Your information will be in safe hands, and you will not have to worry about any data loss as well because there are several safeguards in place for that too.

If your business needs EDI services, then you have definitely come to the right place for edi software. These guys are experts at what they do.