A new kind of protection for your com...

No matter what, malicious viruses somehow find its way into your computer. Antivirus software industry is also hard at work finding ways to stop malware attacks. The software virtualization is now dominated by VMware. A Sunnyvale, California based startup, Bromium, is testing a new technology to stop malware attacking your computer. Each time you open […]

Data-mining to improve patient care

Health care experts are overwhelmed by the number of patients that comes through hospital doors. Baby boomers are retiring in droves and will further overload the already impacted nation’s health care system. Here comes the electronic data-mining to assist and improve patient care. Companies that are currently developing data banks in association with health care […]

Enterprise-software-as-a-service (Saa...

Wikipedia define Enterprise-software or enterprise application software as the software used by a company or a business instead of software chosen by individuals. Some examples are automated billing, IT service management, online shopping, online payments and many others. In a nutshell, it is a collection of programs that comes as a package that handles all […]

What Digital Wallets Mean for the Fut...


Now that digital wallets are becoming popular, thanks to companies like Apple and Google launching phones and wallets designed to work with those devices, more businesses are adapting. The future of buying and selling goods is digital, and that has some interesting implications for how we interact with businesses and employers. Paychecks The future paycheck […]

How a “Cash-less Future” Might Work


The future of payments may look a little bit different in the next few decades, and that’s because cash is slowly going the way of the Dodo bird. Cash has been a useful method to pay for transactions partially because it was the only verifiable method to do so. Cash had value, but checks and […]

Three approaches to partial EDI imple...

Three approaches to partial EDI implementations

Written by Act Data Services, Inc. 1-800-ACT-DATA Implementing EDI (electronic data interchange) is a time consuming and sometimes costly task. Business processes might need to be changed to reflect the new environment. Due to this and other potential issues, some organizations could consider going for a partial or phased approach to going ahead with EDI. […]

SEO Software Recommendations


A good Los Angeles internet marketing company knows that internet marketing is competitive. New businesses are jumping on the SEO bandwagon every day. Despite this, using proven SEO tools can give you an edge over the competition. Google Trends It pays for marketers to keep up with the market. Mastering online trends analysis puts you […]

Make Banks Compete and Other Tips to ...

Make Banks Compete and Other Tips to Get a Great Deal on a Merchant Account

You’ve heard the saying that when banks compete for your business, you ultimately win, and that’s very true for an Internet merchant account. In some ways, it’s even easier to shop online than it used to be. These tips will help you find an excellent deal on a merchant account for your business. Shop Around […]

Business transaction considerations f...

Business transaction considerations for EDI

Written by Act Data Services, Inc. 1-800-ACT-DATA When it comes to an EDI implementation, there are several ways you can decide on an edi provider and/or the order of implementation. The decision can be based on your partners, about your edi implementation, your edi provider or your business transactions. In this article, we will look […]

The two types of EDI implementation

The two types of EDI implementation

Written by Act Data Services, Inc. 1-800-ACT-DATA The cost of EDI implementation can be quite high. The cost does however depend on which path you follow when it comes to implementation. Calculating the cost and the subsequent benefits of each can help you decide which path to take. The two paths are to either go […]

The Absolute Truth about Biometric Ti...

The Absolute Truth about Biometric Time Clocks

Written by: Allied Time Contrary to popular belief, your identity won’t be stolen through these new-gen time clocks. When people are asked about biometric time clocks, there have been varying opinions on whether or not they are “overkill” when it comes down to tracking attendance. Not only do some people worry about their owners practically […]

Make Sure You Never Have Too Much Sof...

By ACT Data Services, Inc. 1-800-ACT-DATA If your company relies on a fairly sophisticated IT infrastructure—and most should these days—then you may have already heard of Internet EDI. Maybe you’ve even looked into the EDI service bureau. However, if you’re not currently taking advantage of what EDI has to offer, then it might be the […]

The Many Ways to Use a Portable Air C...


By MovinCool When most people think of air conditioning, they think about trying to stay cool when the temperatures turn against them. After all, the moment the thermostat gets too high, you need help ensuring it doesn’t get too uncomfortable or even dangerous. While it makes sense that people would turn to their AC units […]