5 Reasons To Avoid Windows 7

In a couple months Microsoft’s Windows 7 is going to be hitting store shelves, and it’s touted as being called the best Windows yet. Whether this is true or not is yet to be seen. Let’s take a look at the facts, however.

Regardless of what version of Windows 7 you’re considering, it isn’t gonna be cheap. At the very least expect to be paying $120 to upgrade from Windows XP or Vista. Of course that’s if you’re already an existing Windows user. If you’re not upgrading from an owned copy of a Windows OS you’re going to have to pay the full price of at least $200 if you want to own the much hyped Windows 7.

Of course, at the end of the day, it’s still simply Windows. Regardless of it’s intuitive, modern interface, it’s still full of the many bugs and quirks one can come to expect from a new Windows release. One simply being that you’re gonna have to do a lot of tweaking before you can get it to run smoothly without any sharp edges. Not to mention that it includes support for digital rights management technologies that could, if warranted, control how you use your media. Sound familiar?

We can not forget that Apple’s new OS is arriving a whole month before Windows 7. Being release in September, Apple’s Snow Leopard promises to deliver on many of the things Microsoft highlights as improvements with Windows 7.

Also, as mentioned in the penultimate paragraph, Windows 7 is still Windows, and it always will be. You’ll still be the number one target for hackers and virus coders alike. It doesn’t matter how vigorously you clean your windows in your mansion, they’ll always be made of glass. Windows has always been like a glass house in the ghetto, and Windows 7 is no exception.

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