A new battle is brewing between Apple and Intel

Published news reports indicate that Apple is researching ways to replace Intel processors from its Mac personal computers with its own chip technology.  Apple uses Intel chips in Macs since 2005.  Apple uses its own in-house brand of A-chips that are ARM-based in its iPads and iPhones.  ARM-based chips have advantages in power efficiency and battery life over Intel chips.  Apple believes its mobile chips can be modified to run its desktops and laptops.  During the last few years, Apple acquired chip companies and recruited more engineers.

Rumors of Apple wanting to ditch Intel from its Macs have been around for many years.  Switching chip makers is nothing new to Apple.  In 2006 it switched Mac chips from IBM and PowerPC chips made by Motorola to Intel.  Apple prefers vertical integration and the processor is the most important element in computers.  Using an in-house chip could reduce component cost boosting its margins and giving more control over PC production.  But critics raise doubts about Apple’s intention to dump Intel chips.  Intel is the industry leader and its chips are the most reliable as well as advanced.  Apple may run into problems competing with Intel’s chip technology.

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