Asp Vs PHP – The Different Uses

Over the years many web programming languages have come and gone. Just like PHP was born in the mid nineties, it has evolved over the years and threatens to take over the web in the near future. ASP however was killed by Microsoft in favor of ASP.Net that uses C #as opposed to VB Script as its programming language. ASP.Net is also gaining some popularity so what’s the difference between ASP.Net and PHP?

PHP is loosely based on Perl and C and is an object oriented language. It is also cross platform and open source and works with almost all available web servers. PHP also comes bundled with more functionality than ASP does; such features as FTP, data comparison, file uploads, encryption, MD5, email, file uploads and XML do not come with ASP and often require expensive third party packages. Complex functions such as dynamic images, IMAP, LDAP, SNMP, dynamic flash, PDF, Sybase, mSql, MSSQL, Ingres, Informix, Interbase and Oracle databases are freely available for any PHP installation whereas they are not available for ASP.

One key difference that sets the two languages apart is that PHP is significantly faster than ASP. It runs on Unix and Linux servers that are extremely fast whereas ASP only runs on Windows Operating systems that are much slower on the same type of hardware. PHP also runs on almost any web server as opposed to ASP which runs only on IIS and PWS. Therefore PHP can be used for various applications on different environments for a very low cost, whereas ASP is expensive and supports only a few technologies.

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