Avia Tevanian Leaves Apple in March to ‘Pursue Other Interests’

Avie Tevanian, who has served and led Apple’s software development efforts, will spend his last day at Apple on March 31, while also announcing plans to take some time off.

According to Apple insiders, they are grateful to Avie for his efforts at Apple.  They also stated that he is leaving Apple to pursue his own interests.  This comes as no surprise as the plans of his departure was already known to the media despite the fact that this year marks Apple’s thirtieth anniversary.Apple

Avie began his career with Next as head of software engineering for a long time at Steve Jobs-run start-up, and moved to Apple in 1997 as the vice president of software development. Avie led the overall software development efforts of Apple for some time until he was promoted to the position of Chief Software Technology Officer in 2003 where he was responsible for the overall software strategy of Apple.

However, with him moving up as the Chief Software Technology Officer, Bertrand Serlet took over the position of head of software engineering and will continue to oversee Apple’s software development efforts going forward.

And while Job Rubenstein, Ipod division chief, is also slated to retire shortly, there is no doubt that the efforts of Avie Tevanian will not be forgotten as his inputs towards the Mac OS X were of great value.  Mac OS X will celebrate its fifth anniversary in March.

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