Becoming a Game Developer

Anyone can become a game developer, provided that they know exactly what they are capable of. This is because a game consists of three basic factors.

1. The gameplay and the engine
2. The art
3. The story

Of the three, the first is undoubtedly the most important. Gone are the days when snazzy graphics ruled roost. Now, people want food graphics but they want gameplay to be the best. So if you happen to want to get into programming for games, this is where you should look into.

If you have some experience in programming, start off with a simple project. Work on the mechanics and keep developing it till you have something that you can show off. Gaming companies are always looking out for fresh talent and a demo that is solid can open doors for you. An engine you develop might be the next Half Life or Fear. Always ensure that you put some quality code in there as well so that your skills as a programmer are also appreciated along with your skill as a visualizer.

However, if you don’t have any experience in programming, do not despair. Game development schools have started emerging all over the world. Enrolling in one of these will ensure a good grounding in game development skills. Some even offer internship deals with prominent faming companies upon completion of the course. Some schools even offer a Degree in Game Development.

Although it is not a mainstream skill, learning programming for games is worthwhile if that is where your passion lies. The skills you learn there will always help you in other programming related careers, in case you decide to switch.

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