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You might have got a brilliant idea about an ecommerce shopping cart solution. You’ve identified the manufacturer, the carrier and all the other parties. But then comes the payment method. There is a lot of options, but how do you differentiate between them? You could consider the following aspects when making your decision.

  1. The monthly fee

This is of utmost importance when starting off. A lot of payment providers will ask you for a monthly fee. This is not a bad thing, as a lot of the payment platforms have huge costs to bear. The catch is that you have to be sure to know exactly how much that fee represents, and use that fee to make your profit projections for your internet shopping cart.

  1. The transaction fee

Every single payment provider will charge you a transaction fee. Some of them will lower that fee, the more you make transactions. Often times, people tend to go with the lower initial transaction fee. This would not necessarily be beneficial. You would have to compare how much that cost really is down the line. A lot of payment providers have a high initial transaction fee, but that same fee is lowered when you’re making enough transactions.

  1. The popularity

When you’re new, most people might not trust your web site / shopping cart solution. That could be leveraged by choosing a payment method that you trust. You could use that as a stepping stone when you are starting out.

Secure Net Shops offer two kinds of online shopping cart solutions in the form of a website builder and a shopping cart software.

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