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Finding a good programmer

If you are not a programmer it may be hard to find a good programmer. The biggest problem is not- knowing what you are looking for and how to identify one with knowledge and experience you are looking for. Many claim that they are versatile in C++ and many others but if you are not […]

Developing apps for mobile devices

Handheld devices including smartphones, tablets, laptops and others are getting increasingly popular and pushing people away from traditional desk top PCs. With the popularity come hordes of app developers for various applications for mobile devices. Mobile apps development is a process that creates software packages for handheld devices. Many of the devices come with pre-installed […]

What is source code?

What is source code?

Article written by AnexTek, a technology blog The case against Symantec in 2013 for failure to provide source code protection which was later tossed out by the courts brought the concept of source code to every ones attention. Source code is a listing of commands assembled into an execution file to run the computer. Programmers […]

Have you experienced Android 4.1 Jell...

Have you experienced Android 4.1 Jelly bean?

Article written by Integral storage, technology news and resources The multimedia platform that Google’s Android introduced in June 2012 resulted in the demise of Adobe Flash player on many portable devices. Google made a massive media splash when it was first introduced. Jelly Bean, the Google’s Android mobile operating system focus on three major areas. […]

Is there a difference between a progr...

Is there a difference between a programmer and a software engineer?

Article written by My System Journal I’ve come across many people who use programmer and software engineer interchangeably. Quite contrary to the popular belief, they carry different meanings and they perform different tasks. A programmer mostly works alone and knows how to code. Therefore, they come with lots of technical skill sets needed to build […]

Fixing bugs in software

Fixing bugs in software

Article written by TechNetNews, latest tech & gadget news, reviews and articles In the process of software development not just the actual writing of the code, implementation as well as fixing bugs is important parts of the process. Fixing bugs is also a methodical process involving several steps. Identification of the error: Obviously you have […]

What will happen to HTML5 in 2015?

What will happen to HTML5 in 2015?

Since the introduction of the World Wide Web in 1989, at least we are now closer to an Open Web Platform standard that we call HTML5. It took so many years to come up with five releases which is very slow compared to how software is developing today. Keep in mind that the predecessor HTML4 […]

Cyber threats keep coming

Cyber threats keep coming

Cyber security has been a major problem for many large and small companies. Massive security breaches at Target and Neiman Marcus in late last year and another recent break in Facebook and the US Government made headlines recently. Many large and small companies as well governments and other organizations are not even realizing until sometime […]

Microsoft fixes Windows 8 issues with...

Microsoft fixes Windows 8 issues with Windows 8.1

Few months ago Microsoft released Windows 8.1, a freely downloadable update to fix some of the issues with Windows 8. Users were enthusiast as well as relived. Those who already have Windows 8, upgrading to Windows 8.1 is easy. Windows App Store gave the top priority to 8.1 and it is the first app that […]

Windows Azure renaming to Microsoft A...

Windows Azure renaming to Microsoft Azure

Microsoft says “never wait for servers or infrastructure again” advertising its Azure, Microsoft’s cloud service. Released on February 1, 2010 earlier it was called Windows Azure and changing the name to Microsoft Azure in March 2014. It transforms Windows and Linux virtual machines, apps, and infrastructure instantly into Microsoft managed data centers located worldwide. Data […]