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Programming languages – Decidin...

Programming languages – Deciding on one

If you are a newcomer to the world of programming and wondering which language to start off with or learn, it can be a little confusing to decide on the right language. Your choice will most likely be based on two things: 1. Your immediate need – Do you have to learn a particular language […]

An Introduction to Application &...

An Introduction to Application & Server Virtualization

The concept of application virtualization is essentially fooling the application into thinking that it is working in the native environment it is supposed to work in. There are many advantages in implementing application virtualization. Some of the key advantages are: 1. Applications do not require cross platform support 2. Security issues can be controlled better […]

The Importance of Updating Software

The Importance of Updating Software

In the competitive world of software, it is always important to stay ahead of the game. There are several ways to do this, and one of those is through software updates. As a software publisher, you can make updates available in two ways. Manual – where the user downloads it from the vendors website, ftp […]

Chinese Microsoft Office Competitor T...

Chinese Microsoft Office Competitor To Launch Soon

Evermore Software, a Chinese developer, has stepped up to the plate to challenge Microsoft in one of its main areas of expertise, web-based applications. It has offered a rival integrated office software package, EI Office, for some time now, but has decided that in order to remain competitive they must create a web-based version. Evermore […]

Review of “Getting Real” ...

Review of “Getting Real” by 37Signals

37Signals’ latest book, Getting Real, is a must-read for anyone who wishes to develop web-based software products, and have their business succeed. This compact volume reveals the processes that 37Signals has used to design and put out five extremely popular and well-known web application products. Their book is filled with the philosophies, business plans, programming […]

Fundamentals of Application Design

Fundamentals of Application Design

When discussing application design with programmers and analysts, the first question is invariably: “To do what?” This question leads to: “On which platform?” Then: “In which language?” Followed shortly by some variation of: “… and you want it when?” The word “application” begs definition. An example of an application is tripping the shutter on a […]

Developing Your Own Software? Which I...

Developing Your Own Software? Which Is Better, PHP or .NET?

Today, several languages are available for web application design but the two most important in use are PHP and ASP dot NET. Both are popular and effective for creating dynamic web content, so it becomes difficult to judge, which one is better. Let us find out the difference between the two. Development Cost PHP being […]

PHP: An Introduction

PHP: An Introduction

PHP is a ‘server-side’, ‘HTML-embedded’ scripting language that is used extensively to create dynamic web pages. The web server is configured to accept PHP code as input, and produce HTML web page content in the form of output. If you are looking to develop your own web application, here is a short primer on one […]

Construction Management Software

Construction Management Software

There is no question that the current economic recession has impacted virtually every industry, including the construction industry. Due to the dramatic slowdown in payments as well as new projects, construction companies who plan to weather the storm will need to adjust to the shifting economy. More than ever, owners need to find ways to […]