Chinese Microsoft Office Competitor To Launch Soon

Evermore Software, a Chinese developer, has stepped up to the plate to challenge Microsoft in one of its main areas of expertise, web-based applications. It has offered a rival integrated office software package, EI Office, for some time now, but has decided that in order to remain competitive they must create a web-based version. Evermore Integrated Office appears similar to Microsoft Office. It provides a word processor, spreadsheet, and presentation software, all of which are MS compatible and will handle the corresponding MS files. The program opens the three segments in one window and allows the user to move between them seamlessly. EI Office is written in Java and runs on Windows or Linux.

The new version, WebOffice, is nearly ready to ship. It will remain the same in appearance as the original EI Office but will run in an Internet browser, such as Internet Explorer or Firefox. All work will be saved on a remote server, much like Google Docs. There will also be an intranet version of WebOffice that will be able to run on a companys servers and can interface with other office software.

Evermore is a primary software provider for China. Government offices and enterprises are the biggest users of the business version while over 20 million personal versions are in use. There are currently few users outside of China. Senior Chinese analysts suggest the company should step up its marketing to expand its private sector sales. It should be noted that Evermore has an opportunity, if their product is up to par, to successfully take market share from Microsoft in the Asian market as that area is decidedly non-supportive of Microsoft products.

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