Cyber threats keep coming

Cyber security has been a major problem for many large and small companies. Massive security breaches at Target and Neiman Marcus in late last year and another recent break in Facebook and the US Government made headlines recently. Many large and small companies as well governments and other organizations are not even realizing until sometime later that they have been hacked. It not only provides a dilemma for the company but also make more people vulnerable for fraud. Security breaches grew more than 62 percent in 2013 over 2012, according to some reports.

Many cry out for better detection of data breaches. Some published information reveals that it takes more than three month for a company to recognize that they have been hacked. Fixing loop holes take few more months too. Recognizing actual threat among many thousands of alerts is a big issue. This is why help from a cybersecurity specialist is more important. They install automatic detection systems and prioritize responses to alerts as well as attacks. They conduct global intelligence and use big data to protect companies from cyber threats. Some of the major cybersecurity companies include Symantec, Check Point Software Technologies, Sourcefire, Fortinet, Guidance Software, Websense, CISCO, EMC, and Juniper.

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