Developing apps for mobile devices

Handheld devices including smartphones, tablets, laptops and others are getting increasingly popular and pushing people away from traditional desk top PCs. With the popularity come hordes of app developers for various applications for mobile devices. Mobile apps development is a process that creates software packages for handheld devices. Many of the devices come with pre-installed apps.


Developers face big issues when developing apps for mobile devices including screen sizes, hardware specifications and configurations, storage capacity, battery usage, user interface and others. The user interface is important in order to provide user friendly apps with minimal key strokes and to be task oriented.

Security is a major concern for mobile app developers. Mobile devices come with certain measures already built-in and app developers consider app wrapping for security, data encryption, client actions, reporting and statistics collection. They also take into consideration of the targeted mobile platform. All testing of apps takes place within the development environment before transferring to mobile devices. Emulators provide an inexpensive way to test apps but many manufacturers are not allowing all developers physical access to their devices for testing. Therefore, many app developers are conducting testing using popular mobile OS including Google Android Emulator, MobiOne, iPhoney and many others.

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