Finding a good programmer

If you are not a programmer it may be hard to find a good programmer. The biggest problem is not- knowing what you are looking for and how to identify one with knowledge and experience you are looking for. Many claim that they are versatile in C++ and many others but if you are not a programmer you may find it difficult to look for one. You are not alone. But here are some ideas that may help you to find a good programmer.


  • Talk to people that you know well and who are good programmers. They can point you in the right direction and give you some points for hiring one based on your needs.
  • Have an experienced programmer at your side at the interview. Ask questions about the candidate’s background, work experience, availability, management style, experience working with other people including professional and non-professional staff and other basic information.
  • Go to places where most programmers congregate such as seminars and conferences. You may be surprised to see the talent that comes together at these venues. Visit the nearby college campus and you can find young and motivated up and coming programmers.
  • Online is also a good place to catch a freelancer.

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