Firefox Reaches 1 Billion Downloads

On July 31st 2009, Mozilla Firefox surpassed its next milestone in the line of internet browsers by reaching its one billionth download.

Firefox was released roughly five years ago and has since been revolutionizing the way which the internet can be browsed. Firefox is currently the second most popular internet browser and is gaining new users constantly, most of which switch over from using Internet Explorer.

Firefox has made such an extraordinary gain in users due to its many superior factors to internet explorer. Firefox began by introducing the tab system. This allowed the user to have multiple web sites open at once, but only in one window. The idea itself for the tab system was very simple, but alleviated the browsing process significantly for most users. Due to Firefox’s gained increase in users following the release of the superior tab system, Internet Explorer was forced to later mimic this method, which was originally designed by Firefox.

Firefox also has a series of tools available to be download, most of which are incorporated into the browser itself. This includes a variety of available tools. The most commonly used tools are built in search tools, as well as one of the most popular and effective tools, Ad-block Plus. The built in protection tools also make online browsing much safer especially when exposed to threats. As this leaves your computer less prone to attacks, it is another reason Firefox is more desirable than Internet Explorer.

Because Firefox can be customized with a variety of skins and tools, it can be easily tailored to fit the needs of each individual who uses it, as well as having an easier used interface and tab system. It is no surprise it has reached its billionth download, and only a matter of time before it makes additional progress.

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