Five Reasons To Switch To Windows 7

On October 22, 2009 Microsoft will offer to the public its new Operating System called: “Windows 7”. From its conception in the early 1980s Microsoft has led the race with innovation and cutting edge software. Again Microsoft has forged the future. Windows 7 dramatically improves over its past predecessors.

Sporting a new look, Windows 7 is ready to catapult the term “Easy to Use” back into the Home based Personal Computer. Windows 7 offers a refreshing and vibrant new appeal. WINDOWS 7 gets rid of the compatibility issues that have long plagued Windows Vista. Windows 7 builds on a new platform that sports excellent Media Tools and adds some new ones. Home Networking is well addressed with the new “Windows 7”. Sharing files and printing is also much easier. Sleeping and Waking your PC no longer a slow task. Boot times are dramatically reduced.

The long awaited 64 bit support has arrived. Windows 7 has made the way of the future clear. 64 Bit architecture is where the PC is heading. The predecessors of Windows 7 failed miserable at this. Keeping your Laptop or Desktop running cooler is one of the many new features packed into this state of the art Operating System. When a PC runs cooler it lasts longer. Microsoft took their time with this Operating System. Development and testing of the Beta candidates was top priority. Microsoft has once again captured the loyalty and trust of new and past users.

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