Fixing bugs in software

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In the process of software development not just the actual writing of the code, implementation as well as fixing bugs is important parts of the process. Fixing bugs is also a methodical process involving several steps.

  • Identification of the error: Obviously you have to identify an error to fix it. Be aware of information coming from third parties. You need to see it rather than relying on someone else information.
  • Finding the error: Going through a code and locating the exact point where the error is located is important.
  • Analyzing the error: When analyzing the error go through a bottom-up approach reviewing the code from the beginning to the point of error. This gives a better idea how you need to fix it logically.
  • Testing the analysis: Before you write an automated test to fix the bug, you need to test it to see whether it works.
  • Covering lateral damage: You need to make sure when you fix the error you are not causing damage to any other parts of the program.
  • Fix the error: Wow! Finally you implement your fix for the bug.
  • Back test the error fixing: Don’t stop at the above step. Go one step further and see how the fix is working. This feedback is important to successful fixing of errors.

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