Google Chrome OS vs. Google Chromium OS

Best examples for open source software include Mozilla Firefox, Google Chromium, Android and Apache OpenOffice Suite. Many think that Google Chromium and Google Chrome are the same. Yes, they are same with a simple difference. Chromium operating system (OS) is the open source development version of Google Chrome OS that is downloadable source code. Therefore, it can be developed by anyone. Also Chromium OS gives the user to customize it for their needs. On the other hand Chrome OS is shipped by Google manufacturing partners and fixes and bugs will be addressed by Google regularly. The Google Chrome will be more stable because it comes as a finished product. Due to development by various parties Google Chromium may look different from Google Chrome in the future.

Laptops that run Chrome OS are collectively known as “Chromebooks” and originally Google gave CR-48 to testers and reviewers starting in December 2010. In May of 2011 retail machines started to hit the market including a desktop version known as Chromebox. Preinstalled Chromium OS devices include Kogan Agora Chromium Laptop and Xi3 Modular Computer developed by an Australian company. Now there are many products that run both OS and are available on the market.

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