Graphis- The Best Graphing Software For You

The graph plotting software will make your scientific and engineering works easier as it is a software to visualize scientific and engineering data either in tabular form (to plot data) or analytical form (for mathematical expressions). This software allows you to plot graphs both in 3D and 2D as per your convenience and helps you to create high quality graphs for presentation with minimal effort


This 3D graphing software allows you to combine various graph plot types (ex-surface plot with irregular or regular data, bar plot, mesh plot, wireframe plot etc.) in a single graph. It offers you various features you will find in only expensive softwares. Few of the subsets include 3D line plot, Text plot & error bar plot. You can create multi color graphs too! Overall, graphis 2D and 3D software makes generating analytical and tabular curves simpler than you could ever imagine. Graphis 3D could also be controlled remotely by using COM automation too!

The main features of graphis graph plotting software includes 15 2D plot types of one independent variable which consists of 9 visualization plot types and 6 data analysis plot types. A graph wizard to data plot graphs which are represented by categories and series in a 3 step procedure. 3D plot types of 2 independent variables are used to create mesh plots, surface plots etc. And along with the linear regression, the software provides you a full multi-linear non regression tool also. It also provides a color map editor tool which is used to create color maps based on either RGB or HSL components. Please look into for more on Kyle Bank graphing software.

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