How to Pay a Freelance Contractor

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These days, starting your own business is a lot easier to get off the ground. You used to have to build relationships with people and spend a lot of time hunting for the write services to help boost your business, but the Web has made those challenges almost non-existent. The rise of the freelance economy is a big part of that transition, but you have to know how to work with these contractors.

By Word

If you have freelancers who write, the simplest solution is to offer them a rate per word that is typed. When you contract these types of freelancers, it’s important to review their work to make sure it does not contain too much filler language. Also be sure to set limits on word count, as some writers can get wordy if you let them. If you choose to pay per word, it’s helpful for both you and the contractor to offer assignments in bulk. Keep in mind that it’s reasonable to test a freelancer, but you should be prepared to offer work if you like what they produce. It’s good business for both of you.

By Hour

Time and attendance software can help you track an employee’s workload when you’re not physically present to see it. This kind of software can be rigged to take screenshots of the employee’s computer, showing what he or she is doing at a given moment. It can also record keystrokes, so employers can review an employee’s workday and make sure nothing improper was searched. You should protect yourself when paying off-site workers by the hour, as there is plenty of room for time clock fraud.

Tracking Work

The best thing you can do to cut down on time clock fraud is to review every assignment that comes in, and renegotiate rates per project. It can be a laborious process, so many employers will design a budget or post what they consider to be a fair rate. Set your expectations up front, and make sure that the results are measurable. It’s not only crucial to review the work done, it’s important to provide feedback to the employee with the goal of shaping a better worker.

Final Thoughts

Working with contractors is tricky for the newbie. There are entire articles dedicated to what is considered fair price, and books related to hiring practices. It’s not an easy undertaking, but at the end of the day you can be content in the knowledge that you’re building a business for yourself.
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