Is there a difference between a programmer and a software engineer?

Article written by My System Journal

I’ve come across many people who use programmer and software engineer interchangeably. Quite contrary to the popular belief, they carry different meanings and they perform different tasks. A programmer mostly works alone and knows how to code. Therefore, they come with lots of technical skill sets needed to build meaningful products. A software engineer on the other hand follows a systematic process to understand your needs, work with all involved stakeholders, and develop solution to the problem. So, the software engineer is part of a larger group but the programmer stands alone.

Future for both trades is much brighter. The average pay for both disciplines start around $70,000 year, nationwide. However, with other benefits a total can easily exceeds $100,000 a year. A bachelor’s degree in computer science, computer programming, information technology and other closely related fields may help get into the profession. Ever increasing number of hacking incidences requires skill sets capable of detecting and protecting systems in operation. These sub fields of the wide world of computer technology will evolve into full pledged disciplines in the near future. It is a fast changing field of study that attracts many young and talented groups of individuals.

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