Manage your email account with emailbundle

Many of us receive hundreds of unwanted emails daily and just do not have the time to filter the inbox. It is very difficult to sort out the emails you need to reply among the throng of unwanted emails, as a result many are the times we have missed out or deleted important emails. Emailbundle has come up with just the solution for you.

With emailbundle you sign up with which will give you an email address that you will give out to all vendors, marketing websites and to people whom you don’t like accessing your primary email account.

Emailbundle will sort all the emails you receive to different categories such as spam, marketing, sent direct and from known contacts. The sorted out list will be sent to you daily as one email which will contain the hundreds of mail without cluttering the inbox.

This way the marketers will not have access to your real email address and you have the option to blacklist an entire domain which sends you a lot of spam.

You can go to to register for this service which will cost you $ 15.00 a month and give you peace of mind.

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