Business transaction considerations f...

Business transaction considerations for EDI

When it comes to an EDI implementation, there are several ways you can decide on an edi provider and/or the order of implementation. The decision can be based on your partners, about your edi implementation, your edi provider or your business transactions. In this article, we will look at the different considerations when it comes […]

The two types of EDI implementation

The two types of EDI implementation

The cost of EDI implementation can be quite high. The cost does however depend on which path you follow when it comes to implementation. Calculating the cost and the subsequent benefits of each can help you decide which path to take. The two paths are to either go with an in house development or to […]

The Absolute Truth about Biometric Ti...

The Absolute Truth about Biometric Time Clocks

Written by: Allied Time Contrary to popular belief, your identity won’t be stolen through these new-gen time clocks. When people are asked about biometric time clocks, there have been varying opinions on whether or not they are “overkill” when it comes down to tracking attendance. Not only do some people worry about their owners practically […]

Make Sure You Never Have Too Much Sof...

If your company relies on a fairly sophisticated IT infrastructure—and most should these days—then you may have already heard of Internet EDI. Maybe you’ve even looked into the EDI service bureau. However, if you’re not currently taking advantage of what EDI has to offer, then it might be the case that you don’t fully understand […]

The Many Ways to Use a Portable Air C...

When most people think of air conditioning, they think about trying to stay cool when the temperatures turn against them. After all, the moment the thermostat gets too high, you need help ensuring it doesn’t get too uncomfortable or even dangerous. While it makes sense that people would turn to their AC units at this […]

The benefits of using EDI in your org...

Organizations all over the world now use EDI, also known as electronic data interchange. Common reasons for utilization are to increase operational efficiency when dealing with multiple vendors using different, incompatible systems. However there are some areas where adoption can lead to additional benefits when using EDI: Applying EDI software to your supply chain will […]

Finding a good programmer

If you are not a programmer it may be hard to find a good programmer. The biggest problem is not- knowing what you are looking for and how to identify one with knowledge and experience you are looking for. Many claim that they are versatile in C++ and many others but if you are not […]

Developing apps for mobile devices

Handheld devices including smartphones, tablets, laptops and others are getting increasingly popular and pushing people away from traditional desk top PCs. With the popularity come hordes of app developers for various applications for mobile devices. Mobile apps development is a process that creates software packages for handheld devices. Many of the devices come with pre-installed […]

Industrial Cooling for Data Centers

Data centers are prone to overheating. This can be explained with the huge amount of IT equipment and computers that are located in the server rooms. In order to avoid wasting too much power and to achieve efficiency, data centers require an effective cooling system. In order to measure power usage efficiency, the PUE standard […]

What is source code?

What is source code?

Article written by AnexTek, a technology blog The case against Symantec in 2013 for failure to provide source code protection which was later tossed out by the courts brought the concept of source code to every ones attention. Source code is a listing of commands assembled into an execution file to run the computer. Programmers […]