While everyone is familiar with the term programming, what does it actually mean with respect to computers? Generally, the definition can be described as the process of writing, designing, editing, and maintaining code that allows computers to run and function properly. The code, or more specifically source code, that makes up a computer and its software is subject to human change and capability. Therefore, any machine is only as good as the coder that supplies it with its instructions!

The experience and methods of writing code requires experience within the languages of Java, C++, C# or other common languages, but also demands the understanding and mastery of functions such as recursion and loops. While these skills may be specific to computers in some senses, they are skills that have real world applications outside of the lab or when writing code. Specialized algorithms are designed by programmers to do just about anything in the modern world; ranging from matching up dates on internet relationship sites or figuring out what your search engine will produce when you type in keywords! While the debate currently rages as to whether the writing of programs is an art, craft, or engineering discipline, the most common ground is that programming is an application of all three assertions.

Perhaps the greatest and worst trait of programming is that anyone can call themselves a programmer. Ranging from those who have received masters and Ph.D.’s in computer science or related fields to those who have simply began to edit their own HTML; just about anyone and everyone can program!

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