Skills requirements in the five years ahead us – Part 2


6. Expanding the mind and learning to think differently will be another valuable skill that a developer will need. This can be achieved by learning a dynamic or functional programming language. Thinking out of the box will definitely impress the bosses.

7. Agile methods are gathering pace and there is no denying that this once looked down upon methodology actually does work. With the improvements that have been made over the years to Agile methods, the demand for this type of workflow looks set to increase exponentially in the near future.

8. Understanding the problem domain maybe something that traditional developers shunned, but organizations are now looking for those who do not adhere to this norm. If you are willing to take this responsibility on, your stock will skyrocket.

9. Experience in software that does bug tracking, version control and other similar tasks will be a necessary requirement. Proper code with proper documentation is becoming a rigid standard. Developers who do not function well with a team, who carry all files on a USB drive and “forget” to do documentation are slowly finding that they do not have a place in the “new world”. Rigidly sticking to proper practices is an essential skill.

10. Development skills in mobile devices will be the most in demand job in the next five years. As the world makes a noticeable shift in their reliance on technology, the internet has emerged as an essential commodity. Mobile development skills will be hot property in the years to come and having this on your resume will definitely help you get that dream paycheck that you have been working towards.

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