Software Updates, Not Hardware Features, Will be The Prominent Feature of The iPhone 5

Analysts describe the much-awaited iPhone 5 to have more to do with software updates in the iCloud and iOS 5 rather than hardware. And users won’t have to wait for a completely new experience for much longer as Apple will release this technology in the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) that are considered to be some of the most software launches for some time now by the company.

Steve Jobs will unveil the Mac OS 10.7 (also known as the ‘Lion’) and the iOS 5 on June 6 2011 in San Francisco which has worldwide Apple fans waiting to see what the technology giant has in store for the world of Information Technology.

To put it succinctly, Apple will offer a combination of technologies that will completely revamp the way the iPad, iPhone and the Mac is used in the future, and this experience can be attributed to the new and futuristic platform of the iOS 5.

According to experts, these software upgrades for the iPhone 5 is just another step to being able to sync the aforementioned devices along with it while providing a completely new platform for the iPhone as well while the Apple iCloud services will give users direct access to data and services from these Apple servers. Finally, iPhone users can also make use of the new feature of being able to stream music and video while also getting a digital locker service, thanks to the iCloud service that Apple offers as well.

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