Terminal Server Monitoring

Terminal server monitoring allows computer system owners to track  a number of actions and processes from any designated terminal on their network. Once a terminal server software program has been installed on a company’s computer system, the system administrators can use the tools provided in the program to keep tabs on what a specific computer terminal is being used for. The terminal services log will gather data on who logs in to which computer, how long they remained logged in on the system, what kinds of activities they engaged in while logged in and how much bandwidth was being used at the time.

This kind of program can greatly enhance a company’s efficiency because it allows system administrators to see exactly where the most company time is being spent, by whom and what is being done during that time. Terminal server monitoring holds each computer user responsible for their actions any time they are logged in on company time, which means the likelihood of employees engaging in non-work related activities during the work day is greatly reduced. Keeping employees on task means that projects will be completed more efficiently and that important company deadlines will not be missed.

 Submitted by RDP Soft Company – As a leading provider of remote desktop monitoring software, RDP Soft Company provides a number of terminal server monitoring solutions for companies and businesses. They provide complete product support and download instructions via their official website. The company provides a thirty day free trial of their services, which can be downloaded on their website, which allows prospective clients to try the service and familiarize themselves with it before they buy.

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