The Importance of Updating Software

In the competitive world of software, it is always important to stay ahead of the game. There are several ways to do this, and one of those is through software updates. As a software publisher, you can make updates available in two ways.

Manual – where the user downloads it from the vendors website, ftp site or in some extreme cases, receives it via mail on CD or DVD. This method is acceptable but not the best as it involves lot of user interaction. The user has to visit the site, download the update, install it, trouble shoot in case of errors during download or install, etc. Sometimes the user might even decide not to update due to some arbitrary reason.

Automatic – This way is preferable to the manual method due to numerous reasons. Automatic updates take the hassle away from the user, so that the process takes place in the background. This makes it easy for many users and gives them confidence that the vendor is going to be constantly developing the product. In turn, this method gives developers more control over software they have sold. This enables them to fix bugs, add enhancements, add features to the software seamlessly and even combat piracy. It also takes away the burden of packaging updates for end users to install. Instead, the software itself supports the updates in whichever way is easy for the developer to package it. This method also makes it easy to distribute the updates globally and at the same time. As this method will ensure fewer bugs and issues, it will result in fewer calls to the technical support division, thus reducing costs.

Responsiveness is a key factor in retaining customers. Using automatic updates to develop the product will keep customers happy and loyal.

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