Tips on Caring for a Laptop Battery

Laptop batteries are a necessary evil every laptop user has to endure. They are at times fickle, delicate and downright unreliable. This is especially when they start to age and wear out. A laptop battery can give you long or short service according to how you handle it. Some laptop owners do not even have inkling that a laptop uses a battery. They just hook it to the mains and they are good to go. But that is in extremely ignorant cases.  Most laptop users are aware of a battery and often check on it to see how much power is remaining.

For a notebook computer battery to last, it must be handled just as delicately as the notebook itself. Removing it is unnecessary and time consuming. Leave alone the fact that many do not even know where it is located. Dropping the notebook kills the notebook as a whole including the battery, so that is the largest no-no.  Many notebook users are also in the habit of hooking the notebook into the main lines always. This makes the battery overheat and deteriorate fast.

Most laptops come with proprietary parts. For example a dell laptop battery is highly unlikely to fit into a Toshiba laptop. This is one way that manufacturers ensure you stick with them. It then makes sense to use the right battery with the right machine. There are generic batteries but they are mostly low quality and fail in a short time. Get the right battery for the right machine.

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