What can you do with Android?

The answer should be Just about everything. Anyone who wants to make a custom product can use Android operating system and modify it to suit their needs. That may be why you can find Android running just about everything from NordicTrack to refrigerators and hot potato smartwatches.

Majority of today’s smartphones and tablets use Android as the choice of standard operating system. But do you know many gadgets are also being assembled and produced running on Android? Some Silicone valley startups are making what is known as nanosats that run on Android and are popular among individual hobbyists, high school science classes, and others who want to experiment in the space. NASA engineers are using Android to cut power consumption in their tiny satellites. Chinese car company SAIC Motor has developed an Android based infotainment system for its cars. A recently launched cloud computing company, Xively uses Android to transmit data on multiple devices such as agricultural irrigation systems that water the fields. According to Google, many automobile manufacturers are interested in using Android for many operations. It appears that Android’s success on mobile devices is now spilling over to many consumer goods and Internet based activities.

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