What can you do with Google Drive?

Google Drive is a file storage and synchronization service from Google. It is a safe place for your important photos, documents and other files. It can be accessed on the go and on any device. Using Google Drive SDK you can build apps and connect easily within your Gmail. Users will be able to open files with apps similar to Goggle Drive, something more than viewing your email attachments. You can purchase apps from Chrome Web Store. Apps can operate online files, edit images and videos, fax and sign documents, manage projects, creates flowcharts and perform many other functions.

Released on April 24, 2012, Google Drive allows cloud storage, file sharing and collaborative editing. All users get free 15 GB online storage to be shared among Google Drive, Gmail and Google+ Photos. Additional storage capacity up to 16 TB can also be purchased with a monthly paid subscription. Additionally, for synchronization, running Google Drive client software will be needed.

This is the best available for collaborative project sharing if you are not jittery about privacy. Since Google Drive is part office suite and part file-syncing service, it is a formidable challenger to Microsoft Windows. The new Google Drive package bests its former Google Docs.

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