What will happen to HTML5 in 2015?

Since the introduction of the World Wide Web in 1989, at least we are now closer to an Open Web Platform standard that we call HTML5. It took so many years to come up with five releases which is very slow compared to how software is developing today. Keep in mind that the predecessor HTML4 came in 1999.

Let’s take a stroll down the road. HTML2 came in 1994 followed by HTML3.2 in 1997. Today HTML5 plays a major role in the industry. It prevents any oligopoly by platform vendors. It is a platform managed and evolved by many of us in the industry. Now it is left to 2015 to finalize the standard and complete the adoption. HTML5 is important for interoperability. It is an expensive collaborative effort that needs to be preserved. Compliance with the standard should be free of rights and without the fear of getting sued. 2015 is important for browser adaptation HTML5 for mobile applications. The embedded WebView component in HTML5 will help to achieve that. The impending release of iOS 8 and Android L will help with mobile applications. It will especially remedy some of the speed issues experienced by users of Apple mobile devices.

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