Windows 7 a stable replacement for XP

Following the success of Windows XP comes Microsoft’s newest offering to the world—Windows 7. Although users may have experienced several problems with this operating system since its release, Microsoft has since made enhancements and fixes to improve user experience and to totally eliminate known issues. It comes just three years after Microsoft released the Windows Vista which was hounded with bugs and generally poor user experience that the company decided to succeed it with a more user-centric operating system and user interface.

While there are still some problems to be dealt with using Windows 7, this particular operating system has proven to be quite stable, almost as solid as the Windows XP operating system. Windows 7 was released on October last year and has dazzled consumers with its entirely new host of features that are as mind blowing as they are eye shattering. Making a vast improvement over the Windows Vista, Windows 7 has tasty transparent aero graphics that do not consume as much memory as its predecessor.

Still, users have reported several problems with Windows 7. There are times when the operating system’s aero graphics suddenly stop executing, resulting in visibility problems of transparent elements. There are also times when the a user’s custom icons change appearance in harmony with the automatically changing wallpaper and theme. And there are complaints about the iPhone not being able to sync with Windows 7, although it can be fixed by rebooting the system. Still, no operating system is devoid of problems. Despite bugs, Windows 7 is still Microsoft’s best product as of yet.

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