Windows 8 is coming

Consumer Electronic Show concluded during the second week of January, 2012. Steve Ballmer, CEO of Microsoft and the keynote speaker of the event delivering his last keynote address, announced that they will be coming out with Widows 8 in 2012. Mr. Ballmer also joined Nokia’s CEO, Stephen Elop, to unveil Lumia 900, Nokia’s first phone designed for North America based on Windows.

Windows 8, Microsoft’s next version of operating system will be one of the main events in 2012. It will have tile based start screen replacing the previous Windows menu. It will allow easier switching between running screens. It will enhance touch-optimized browsing while working well with mouse and keyboard. Yet, it will be fully compatible with Windows 7 PCs, software and peripherals.

The capability of touch optimization will increase the use of Windows 8 in tablets and phones where Microsoft was behind the curve in the past.

Last year, Microsoft acquired Skype for whopping $8.5 billion. It intends to update Skype to operate Windows 8. However, users of the online demo version are buzzing their frustration with Skype and Windows 8. If kinks can be worked out, Skype can take Windows 8 to a whole new level of communication.

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