Windows Azure renaming to Microsoft Azure

Microsoft says “never wait for servers or infrastructure again” advertising its Azure, Microsoft’s cloud service. Released on February 1, 2010 earlier it was called Windows Azure and changing the name to Microsoft Azure in March 2014. It transforms Windows and Linux virtual machines, apps, and infrastructure instantly into Microsoft managed data centers located worldwide. Data center regions include North America, South America, Asia, Europe, Japan and Oceania.

The service features and provides high density hosting of Web sites that allow developers to build sites, virtual machines that let developers to migrate applications and infrastructure, cloud services known as PaaS (Microsoft’s platform as a service), data management through SQL database that allow extending applications to clouds, business analytics including SQL reporting and Hadoop, identity including rights management, mobile services, messaging and media services that offer encoding, content protection and streaming. It runs on its own platform and Microsoft data centers manage computing and stores data. Azure uses Windows Server 2008 and customized version of Hyper-V that helps for virtualization of services. Microsoft Fabric Controller helps to minimize server crashes and provide user application management. Microsoft Azure is answering critics who blame Microsoft for not introducing cloud services when all others were vying for a position.

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